Love them how you would hope to be loved.

I have a deep respect and admiration for the elderly. Although life is short no matter what age you are blessed to reach, people at this stage of life have lived through so much: heartache, joy, love, loss, blessing, need… Understanding this, I have always felt drawn toward nursing home ministry. For almost two years […]

Mario Galaxy Party

I love birthdays. I mean, a LOT! Celebrating each member of our family individually on his/her special day, parties, family, friends, food, games, the excited buzz in the air! I just love it. This year Solomon asked to have a Mario Galaxy birthday party. All of our local relatives were able to come, as well […]

How then should we live?

Unfortunately, the word, “Theology” has gotten a bad rap. For many, this word conjures up images of arrogant, self-righteous, sour-faced men sitting around arguing about spiritual philosophies and abstract theories. Oh, throw in some Greek or Hebrew and some fancy words like Pneumatology or consubstantial, and there you have it… Theology. If this is all […]