Mario Galaxy Party

I love birthdays. I mean, a LOT! Celebrating each member of our family individually on his/her special day, parties, family, friends, food, games, the excited buzz in the air! I just love it.

This year Solomon asked to have a Mario Galaxy birthday party. All of our local relatives were able to come, as well as some friends from church. It was great.

I used to make “real” food when our children were younger and we had fewer guests. As our guest list grows I have begun to simplify in the food department. For this party we had cheese balls (Mario’s fireballs), popcorn (Mario’s ice balls), Doritos (cause they’re yummy), a veggie tray shaped like a fire flower (Solomon did this himself), and cupcakes with cute Mario characters as toppers. These I printed on cardstock and attached to toothpicks. They were quite adorable; I’m disappointed I didn’t get a close-up picture of the cupcakes.

2016 Solomon's 8th Birthday12016 Solomon's 8th Birthday2

I had 4 games planned, but the kids were having so much fun on their own that we decided to only do one of the games. I always prefer to be over-prepared and nix plans as they’re not needed. I’m a super-planner, but believe in flexibility.  I’ll include the 4 games we chose, in case someone else is looking for Mario party ideas:

Goomba Stomp: This was the game we played. I blew up a bunch of orange balloons and drew Goombas on them. Attach string, and as we waited for the game, they served as added decorations above the food table. When it was game time, we took them down and tied one to each kids’ leg. Ready, set, go, and they ran around the yard trying to stomp the Goombas, while trying to spare their own. The last person with a Goomba still alive wins. (Note: if you have pokey grass like we do, be sure to make extras Goombas or do this game inside. We had some Goomba casualties due to a windy day and apparently pointy grass. Thankfully I made extras, so it all worked out.)

2016 Solomon's 8th Birthday112016 Solomon's 8th Birthday12

We were also ready for Pin the Mustache on Mario.


Courtesy TipJunkie

I also made Mario Ghosts out of styrofoam cups. They made a great decoration, but we didn’t get around to playing the game. Basically, the plan was to have the kids try to knock down the tower with a couple of small plastic balls.


And finally, we had some green plastic eggs ready for a Yoshi Egg Spoon Race.



Really, this was probably the lowest-key party I’ve had. But Solomon proclaimed that it was the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!!!! So I think my mission was successful. He had a blast and felt loved, and that’s what matters.


The kids anticipate their birthdays many months (even years) in advance, so he’s already talking about the theme of his next birthday. I tell the kids their tastes might change before their next party, but they enjoy throwing out ideas all the same. It’s fun to be able to give them something exciting and special to look forward to!


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