Oh, I miss Preston So!

You know what music I LOVE, but always makes me feel saaad? Shane and Shane. I rediscover them every year.

When my brother died I inherited his iPod. He had a handful of Shane and Shane albums on it. Shane and Shane music was a huge part of my mourning process. Every time I listen to their music it takes me back to the year following Preston’s death. I often went walking in our field, or sat on the dock at the lake, or into the woods to worship God; crying, singing at the top of my lungs, missing my best friend.  The music helped me keep my focus on God while also facilitating an outlet for me to cry out in agony.

The music is magical, wonderful, edifying. I wish it didn’t make me sad because I want to listen to it all.the.time.

Today’s Shane and Shane rediscovery came through a Pandora station I had created but forgotten about. (How do you forget about a Pandora station?) The first song to play was “I Miss You” by Shane and Shane. Such a fitting song to express how their music makes me feel. Oh, I miss Preston so!



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