6 Weeks of Being a Mom – What I Have Learned

I now am a mom of four incredible blessings, but I recently found this bit I wrote after being a mom for only six weeks.

April 21, 2008:

It’s amazing how much love one can feel toward someone who has caused so much pain. Between pregnancy, labor, delivery, stitches, soreness from the birth and from breast feeding, and exhaustion, you’d think mom’s would despise the little ones that caused it all. It is quite the opposite though! I have never experienced love for someone in such a way! I could not have imagined the love a mother feels for her child. It is truly incredible!

They say babies need to eat every two to three hours because of their small stomaches and milk’s quick digestion, but I say it’s because of the three P’s – Peeing, Pooping, and Puking. It seems that when Solomon’s not eating or sleeping, he’s doing one of these three things. No wonder he’s always hungry! It’s a wonder any of it stays in his system! :-p

6-week old babies can have a sense of humor.
Just a few minutes ago I finished feeding Solomon and was just watching him examine my face. Then he proceeded to spew the milk I had worked so hard to produce for him. I got the burp cloth and began wiping his face, and he started smiling! It’s as if he was saying, “Ha! Wasn’t that funny, Mommy? Do you want me to do it again?” Even though I said no, he did it again. The little goofball.

When I was pregnant I heard much of the bottomless laundry pile once the little one arrives. I thought women were just exaggerating. It’s just a baby, I thought. It doesn’t add that much more laundry. I mean, c’mon, his clothes are so tiny! It’s like throwing in a few more washcloths a week, right? WRONG! Ha! The bottomless laundry pile is definitely not an exaggeration. What I didn’t take into account in my days of ignorance was the fact that babies spit up a LOT. And their diapers leak… a LOT! AND I have to change my clothes a LOT because I get spit up on all the time. Burp cloths have become my best friend, but it still doesn’t keep me from having to change shirts a few times a day. Every two days I have a week’s worth of laundry to do, it seems.

No matter how late I stay up, Solomon is still going to wake up at 5am. He doesn’t understand the concept of sleeping in. I have had trouble with this one. Since I have completely recovered from labor and delivery I have been wanting to push myself to finish getting our house unpacked, organized, and decorated. Once I get started, it’s hard to stop, even if it’s long past midnight. A couple of nights of two to three hours of sleep have taught me my lesson. New rule: I am to go to sleep when Solomon does and save the organizing for his daily naps.

Another thing I heard while I was pregnant was that the hardest part is the first 4 weeks. This is the time when parents feel like their world has turned upside down and experience exhaustion like they’ve never known. After the first month, they say, you will regain your strength and stamina, and life will begin to settle down. It didn’t work that way for me. The first 4 weeks were like a walk in the park with Solomon. He slept a lot, and it was always easy to calm him. He went to bed easily between 8 and 10pm, only woke up to eat around 2:30am, and woke up for the day between 5 and 6am. The past two weeks, however, have been crazy. He still takes naps easily and is on a very consistent schedule. Night time, however has not been the most fun. For some reason he has decided that he doesn’t like to go down for bedtime. He now fusses a lot as we’re trying to get him to go to sleep and wakes up frequently during the night. The past couple of weeks have definitely left me more sleep-deprived than usual. I think it’s because Solomon is sick, though. He has been very congested, and that often disrupts his sleep because he has difficulty breathing at night. Sometimes I hear him lying in bed snorting like a little pig, and that makes me so sad. Joel and I have been suctioning his nose regularly, but it still doesn’t completely solve the problem. Poor little guy. It’s hard to see him so uncomfortable. I can’t wait until he’s back to normal again. Of course, despite these difficulties I wouldn’t trade this time for anything.

Being a mother is such an incredible experience! I love Solomon so much, and I am definitely enjoying this new role in life. God created me to bear children and raise them in His ways, and I am so humbled by the responsibility He has given me. I am determined to give it my best and train my children to love and serve the God who created them. I read the Bible to Solomon regularly. Some may say that’s silly. I don’t think so. They say as parents you should start as you intend to finish, and I want Solomon to grow up loving the Scriptures. Plus, I think it will be much easier for me to train him to love the Word if I start now, rather than waiting ’til later to say, “Okay, now it’s time to begin teaching him about God.” We’ve been reading John, and he seems to really like it. He gets really relaxed and has such a peaceful look on his face when I’m reading to him. I think it’s good for both of us. I am so excited to teach Solomon about God!

I thank God every day for giving me such a gift. Solomon is not something I have earned or even deserve. God decided to give me a child to raise in His ways, and that I intend to do. I am so thankful I get to be a mom!


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