Mr. Solomon, the Teacher

I knew to expect this a few years down the road, but so soon?! Solomon is two-and-a-half years old, and he is already helping me train Shylah. I have known that if we train Solomon well, he will be incredibly helpful with the younger ones and will make my load lighter. I had no idea he would be so helpful at such a young age! Solomon is taking on the responsibility of teaching Shylah things that I had to teach him, so I don’t have to. What will I do with all my spare time? (LOL)

He is very good about showing her the ropes and guiding her away from troublesome situations. Often I will be in the other room and hear, “Don’t touch Shylah,” or “Shylah, get down,” or things of the like.

This morning as I was cleaning the kitchen after getting stew going for dinner, the kids were playing in their room. Shylah coughed, and Solomon said, “Are you okay, Shylah?” She didn’t reply. Solomon proceeded to instruct her with, “Shylah, say, ‘Yes sir.’ Shylah, say, ‘Yes sir.'” He repeated himself a few times, but the message didn’t penetrate. These things take time, though, and it’s fun to know that she will learn with less work from me and more help from her big brother.

Shylah doesn’t talk much yet (besides major babbling), but Solomon is diligently working to teach her words. Another conversation I overheard the other day was:

Solomon: “Shylah, say ‘book'”


“No, ‘book.'”

Shylah: “Baa!”


This is a regular one. Solomon tries to get Shylah to say the right word for things. One of these days she is going to say something to me and I will think, “I never taught her that!” Thanks, Solomon. He is such a wonderful helper! I love watching them learn and grow! What wonderful little people!


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