Shylah’s Diet

Shylah is much different than Solomon with her eating habits. She is quite a picky eater. I have been finding it difficult to get her to eat much during the day. She doesn’t even seem to like milk much either. She likes drinking about 1 or 2 ounces at a time, but then she loses interest. I have learnedĀ not to stress over these things, though, because Shylah is completely healthy and happy. She is gaining weight nicely and is usually content.

I realized something today though. If I had to choose what kind of a picky eater to have as my child, I would choose Shylah. Unlike many picky eaters I hear about who will only eat junk food or highly processed foods, Shylah prefers simple vegetables. All I have to do is cook a pot of organic mixed veggies, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, etc., and place a couple tablespoons full on her high chair, and she’s thrilled. (Of course, I don’t give my kids the junk/processed food options, so that will never be a worry. I’m just thrilled that she’s not just a bread-a-holic or something. Veggies are a great favorite food to have!)

I don’t have any trouble at all getting Shylah to eat her green veggies. As a matter of fact, when she is given mixed vegetables she picks all the green veggies out first and eats them. Then when there are no more green things to grab if she is still hungry she will go for the corn or carrots.

Solomon has always eaten everything we eat. Even when he didn’t have teeth I just stuck our dinner into the blender and fed it to him. He was thrilled. Shylah, on the other hand is not so easy to please. She does not like most of what I cook. :*o( Hehe, it’s okay. She’s just more of a plain Jane like I was as a kid. I have been lightly frustrated lately because it seems I have to work so much harder to “make” Shylah eat nutrient-rich foods. If she ate what we eat I would know she is getting a balanced, nutrient-rich diet, but since she doesn’t I have been kind of clueless as to whether she’s getting what she needs.

Silly me only realized today how easy to feed Shylah really is. All I have to do is cook up a pot of veggies a couple times a week, scramble some eggs, reserve some plain beans from my many bean recipes, and voila! Balanced diet! I have no problem feeding her the grains with homemade crackers, bread, and she likes rice. I add oil to her milk since I give her soy milk which doesn’t have enough fat for her growth needs. (May 2015 edit: Aaaah! I hate the fact that I used to give my kids soy milk. I’ve since learned that soy is NOT a healthy choice, but I was doing the best with what I knew at the time. Now we drink raw cow and goat milk.) So you have the protein, vegetables, grains, dairy, fat. Oh, and she loves bananas, grapes, and cantaloupe, so we’re set! I am so happy to have figured out how easy it is to give her all the foods she needs. Just because she doesn’t like to eat what the rest of us eat doesn’t mean she can’t have a great diet. I didn’t realize how easy it’d be to fill in the gaps, but there you have it – Shylah’s diet.


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