Am I Pregnant?

Well, here’s my first post! I love blogging. Did it years ago and have missed it ever since. I’m excited to have a blog of my own again!

Exciting news… probably… I think I am pregnant. If I am, the baby is due early to mid-January 2011. I have been experiencing minor nausea for the past few days. I haven’t had much of an appetite because of this. Fruit is such a blessing during early pregnancy! It does not repulse me like most foods do during this time. I don’t want to take a pregnancy test because I would like to be patient and see how long it takes to be 100% sure just on my own.. Just seems like more fun that way. My first suspicion comes, of course, from the #1 way women tell they’re pregnant. I never do trust that so early in the game, though. Maybe I’m just late?

The thing that happened last night and a couple of times today that made me feel quite sure that I am pregnant is what I call my pregnancy sneeze. When I begin feeling nauseated, I sneeze, and the rotten feeling goes away for the time-being. I have been wondering for about a week if I am pregnant, but when that happened last night, I told Joel, “With how I have been feeling and the fact that I just did my pregnancy sneeze, I can’t imagine how I couldn’t be pregnant.” I only do this sneeze thing when I am pregnant. Something is usually different about my sneezes during pregnancy as well. When I am not pregnant and have to sneeze, I usually just sneeze once. If I sneeze a second time, I pause in between and take a breath in preparation for the second sneeze. When I am pregnant, though, I do what I call “shotgun sneezes.” I sneeze twice without taking a breath in between. It is completely uncontrollable, and it only happens when I am pregnant. How sneezes have anything to do with being pregnant is beyond me, but all I know is that this has happened with both of my pregnancies so far. Odd…


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